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With its underwater Volcano Banua Wuhu

Banua Wuhu Volcano, Mahangetang is located in the Sangihe Islands, Indonesia. Four evenly spaced volcanoes (~ 50 km) make up the Sangihe Islands. Banua Wuhu is located 45 km south of Awu volcano, on Sangihe Island to the North.
It is a submarine volcano which rises 400 m above the ocean floor. The volcano forms a temporary island during eruptions, and subsequently erodes below sea level. The adjacent island of Mahengetang is part of the same volcanic edifice. Dissected volcanic centers lie to the northeast (Kahakitang) and north (Kalama) of Banua Wuhu. (Text -edited - from Volcanolive.com)
Local boat (a.k.a. Taxi) from Sangir to KarakitangTaxi interiorSmaller boat to MahangetangMahangetang PierBanua Wuhu Underwater VolcanoMahangetang Pier, Siau Island in the distance, looking southwards.Homestay LodgingsThe Dinner CrewBreakfast: OliebollenView from Homestay terraceFire in Banana lot