Zenfolio | Sander van Hulsenbeek Photography | Indonesia 2013
Photo's by Sander van Hulsenbeek and Ger Rolsma

Noteworthy in this collection:
-Bunaken in Sulawesi is one of world's best spots for scuba and snorkel.
-Sangihe and Siau are halfway to the Philippines from Manado (the capital of Nth. Sulawesi)
-Karangetang Volcano on Siau is amongst the most active volcanoes in the world.
-Mahangetang Island is in fact a piece of the caldera of a big volcano, Banua Wuhu, now mostly under water. 200 meters offshore is the highest point of the active crater of the volcano, sticking up from the bottom some 400 meters. That point lies at a comfortable snorkel depth of 3 meters (medium tide)! Bubbling activity is everywhere. On the island, only a few people speak Indonesian.
-Lokon Volcano near Tomohon erupts often. Climbing is forbidden.
-Tangkoko Duasudara National Park, at the tip of Sulawesi is home to Tarsiers, worlds smallest primate. And many endemic birds.
BunakenSangir SangiheMahangetangSiauTomohon and Tangkoko