Zenfolio | Sander van Hulsenbeek Photography | Syria, March 2011

The pictures in this Syria Gallery were taken in the first half of March 2011. On the day of my, very early morning, March 16 departure, the shooting in Damascus started. .
Damascus: Portal of the Temple of Jupiter, now way in to the Great MosqueJupiter's temple PropylaeumThe Great Mosque of DamascusThe Great Mosque of DamascusThe Treasure HouseShiite visitors to the site where the head of the Imam Hussayn once rested.The place where ‘Alī ibn Ḥussayn, the son of the Imam Hussayn and 4th Imam, used to pray while imprisoned after the Battle of Kerbala.The Azem Palace in DamascusNowadays passtimes: smoking and texting!Tomb of the daughter of the Imam Hussayn