Zenfolio | Sander van Hulsenbeek Photography | Iran, Pictures of October 2011

This collection of pictures was taken during a two week's trip in Iran in October 2011.

Iran's monuments are of a timeless beauty and were built for eternity, so why the inclusion of October 2011 in the title of this Gallery. And of my Blurb Book?

Well, as an example, at the time of making of that book - and its photo's , talks were mounting, internationally, of retaliation against Iran's nuclear facilities. One of the most important of those lies only some 30 kilometers, a stonethrow in modern warfare, from Natanz, on the way from Esfahan to Qom. Obliteration of this facility would no doubt also damage or destroy the shrine of Abd as-Samad in Natanz.

Which architectural and religious gem figures on the cover of the book and was built in 1304 AD......
A Park in ShirazNasir-ol-Molk Mosque, ShirazAt the tomb of Hafez in ShirazBakery in SirjanMir-e Zobair Mausoleum, SirjanShah Ne'matollah Vali Mausoleum, Mahan