Zenfolio | Sander van Hulsenbeek Photography | TAS 1973 & Suriname1974

This series shows views of my military service in Suriname in 1973-1974. The country was on the verge of independence (on 25 November 1975) but at the time of these pictures was still Dutch. I served as a conscripted officer (army ensign) - the only one there - in a world which was later described as 'The Last Remnants of the Tropical Netherlands'
The stills - scans from color and BW prints - show daily officers-mess, party life and an army border-patrol in native dug-outs along the Maroni River, the border with French Guyana. The dug-outs lie deep because of the many cases of beer we carried and sat on. The weather was good, the river was low, and the dug-outs had to be towed past rapids at times.

September 2013: photo's of military service in the Netherlands added temporarily