Zenfolio | Sander van Hulsenbeek Photography | Santa Cruz de Mompox

"If to Caracas I owe my life, to Mompox I owe my glory," reads an inscription on a statue of Simon Bolívar in the town square. It was also here, on 6 August 1810, that Colombia's independence from Spain was declared. For colonial Colombia, Mompós was a key trading town, linking Colombia's coast with the Andes. This sleepy place on a bank of the Magdalena river was once the third most important city in Colombia. In the beginning of the last century silt and debris built up on the Mompos river-arm, larger boats stopped taking the route past Mompós and it became a city forgotten by both Colombia, and the world. It still is quite hard to reach.
Rio MagdalenaMompos Ferry at MagangueMompos WaterfrontIglesia de la ConcepcionMarketSan AgustinWaterfrontHouse on Calle de la AlbarradaHotel BiomaFrom the Rooftop of Hotel Bioma: view of Mompos towards the Rio MagdalenaCollegio PinillosCienaga